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My Two Cents

Have you ever stopped to understand that the people who do not vote have more power than those who do?

Most Americans truly lack the intelligence to just go and vote. Oh, we're quick enough to voice our opinions about this politician or that issue. The fact is, very, VERY few of us take the time to let our voice be heard in the only way it counts: a single vote. That's how each President is elected with far less than even half of all voters participating: those who don't vote allow the minority of voters to decide.

Most people agree that a majority of politicians are corrupt, grubbers of power and money. When did you last hear of a Governor or President or Senator, even state senator declaring themselves broke? It's no coincidence that the U.S. Senate is called "the most elite club of all." Once elected, they entrench themselves much as a tic or other parasite does. The public teat they suckle from has billions and billions of dollars, each billion a separate group of one thousand individual piles of a million dollars each.

No less than eighty percent of elected incumbents who run for reelection win. You might relate it to the law of inertia, which tells us that a body in motion tends to stay in motion; a body at rest tends to stay at rest. An honest man or woman running for office has an uphill grind against the so-called "powers that be."

Historically, it is not the Special Prosecutors or Senate committees that will change this fact of life. It is only you who can dump the corrupt official for a better choice, with your vote. President Clinton's impeachment trial is an excellent lesson for us. Whatever you think of Mr. Clinton, we can certainly agree on this:

  1. More than a dozen of our U.S. Presidents engaged in extramarital affairs in office; only one was held accountable.
  2. During Mr. Clinton's presidency, more than half a million Americans became new millionaires -- in each year of his term!
  3. The citizens were near-unanimous in objecting to the expense of having the President impeached, yet congressional leaders who were themselves involved in unusually horrid, hurtful affairs (such as Rep. Dan Burton, Senator Henry Hyde, for starters) insisted on pursuing an expensive, useless investigation and impeachment.

It seems to me we could have avoided a seventy million dollar waste of time easily, and very simply. With a mere forty or fifty thousand Americans sending telegrams, faxes, emails or phone calls to these people instructing them to focus on more important issues or be voted out of office in the next election, you can be confident that the execrable Mr. Hyde would have ceased his witchhunt.

Please do not count me as a rabid Clinton fan. I'm not. I'm merely sufficiently flexible of mind to acknowledge that under Clinton's leadership, we achieved the single greatest expansion of the American economy, enjoyed higher employment, lower military casualties, lower welfare participation, and so much more. I'd rather have the most powerful man on earth enjoying a bit of afternoon delight than to watch him setting off more lethal missiles around the globe.

Only if, only when you are sufficiently bothered by the not overly exaggerated belief that at least half, perhaps more of our senior politicians do not represent your interests, remember that you can fix the blame, or fix the problem. Pick up the pen or phone; show that they're mightier than the sword. Why let other people choose your leaders? After all is said and done, your vote counts, even when you don't show up at the election booth. Complain about what is not right, or take action to fix it. Everything else is mere gum-flapping, as any rational mind can see.


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My two cents, my two cents

If you wish to hear it all,
turn your head, do not stall.
My two cents, my two cents,
what do you mean, my two cents,
and what does the term really mean?

My two cents is my two cents' worth,
for whatever THEY might be worth,
my two cents, is how I feel,
even if it yields up mirth.

My two cents may have its way,
for my two cents is what I'd say,
if the powers that be had much cents,
'cause they'd surely heed at least
my two cents.