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Without guessing, thousands of Bodyscan practitioners see what is off-balance.
Learn more about what ails you and you'll find yourself making better decisions.
The Bodyscans HealthRoute seeks to help you make those better decisions.

Bodyscans - a new way of looking at the body, literally, with Mister-Shortcut

Bodyscans - New Uses For Bioenergetic Testing

Bioenergetic Testing uses a computer-based instrument to measure the energy of the body using acupressure point readings, providing a new and highly accurate method for determining the energetic causes of allergies and ailments. Don't be intimidated by some of the technical terms. Its basis is simple, and long-established. The Bodyscan is measuring electrical impulses via the skin.

It neither treats, diagnoses, nor cures. Any claims to the contrary are spurious. By quickly and non-invasively providing important information about what's going on inside you, the competent practitioner has an immediate roadmap for supporting your body dramatically and as often as not quickly. Keep in mind that naturopathy specifically means setting aside the symptoms for the time being in order to address the cause of the symptoms. It is the single most measurable difference between medical doctors and naturopathic doctors such as Dr. Cohen: medical doctors seek to cure from the outside in, using surgery or synthetic chemicals. Naturopathic doctors seek to help you heal yourself from the inside out, using the body's natural immune system to heal.

Galvanic skin response, which is also one of the four foundations of the polygraph (commonly called a "lie detector"), is a powerful tool. Your skin, and its galvanic response, tells the truth because it is incapable of dissemination or deception: the skin tells all, electrically speaking.

It tells us what is sensitive to what, and by how much. Skeptics are usually convinced less by the science than by the accuracy of the skilled expert in administering and correctly interpreting the finite, measured results.

Bioenergetic Testing is the end product of a 40-year evolution in Biological-Energetic/Biofeedback testing. Dr. Voll and Dr. Werner of Germany developed this new approach to good health utilizing a modern computer and a sophisticated program. Relatively new in this country, it is felt by many people to be the most significant breakthrough in health in many years. The technique is understood, accepted, and used widely in other countries, especially Germany, France, England and Canada.

It is based on the Chinese Medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupressure meridians causes energy imbalances in the body. During the past 40 years, doctors have identified the interrelationship between acupressure point measurement and individual organs and tissues. Bioenergetic testing is also very similar to Biofeedback. it has been endorsed by many doctors and dentists in the U.S., including Roy Curtain, Ph.D. of Brigham Young University, Fuller Royal, M.D., Nevada, and John Sinclair, D.D.S., Harrison, Arkansas.

What Does And Can The Bodyscan Do?

  •  Identify chemical, pesticides,herbicides, and other toxic materials in your system
    (including any problem with dental materials such as mercury).

  •  Determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well it is functioning.

  • Indicate allergies and foods that are best suited to your specific biochemical make-up (what should be added to or eliminated from your diet).

  • Identify environmental allergies to heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and other types of allergies to yeast, fungus and molds.

  • Indicate any vitamin or mineral imbalances.

In fact, the system is capable of performing over 6,000 individual tests on your body. Perhaps more importantly, the machine will automatically indicate what remedies you may need to help you and your doctor correct various problems and deficiencies. A basic goal for those taking synthetic medications is to hear your primary health care provider, usually a medical doctor, say those wonderful words, "You don't need this prescription anymore, at least not for now."

These are sweet words to hear, and a goal worth pursuing. Strengthening your natural abilities to heal, especially when it's done with pinpoint precision such as pancreatic support, or a homeopathic to help you handle an allergy naturally, is the surest route Mankind has developed or discovered of returning the body to natural balance. By encouraging your body to produce the natural, built-in chemicals that most of us do produce in normal quantities during normal healthy periods, we're giving the body maximum possible support. This is contrary to synthetic chemicals, which are designed specifically to depress your immune system until it's so depressed that it begins to fight back harder under serious threat. That is a fact of pharmaceutical drugs that your doctor must tell you is true - by law! NO PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG CAN HEAL - it can only encourage or force your system to produce natural healing chemicals.

How Does The Bodyscan Actually Work?

The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupressure points, generally the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances or imbalances of the various organ systems of the body and can detect low-level reactions in the body. It also indicates which nutritional or homeopathic remedy and the exact potency that will bring about an energy balance. Bioenergetic testing can also monitor the patients progress. There are no side or after-effects with proper use of the eletro-diagnosis and therapy. No piercing of the skin, no discomfort and no electrical impulses are felt during the testing. The only clothing that must be removed are your shoes an stockings. F.D.A. approved, the testing is safe and gentle.

Who Can Benefit from A Bodyscan?

Anyone wanting to improve the quality of their health and life, or for more specific uses such as to enhance sports performance. Tennis pro, Martina Navrotilova, has used a less advanced, earlier version of this approach as part of her overall health program under the direction of Dr. Whitcomb, M.D., in Colorado.

For those who feel they have not responded adequately to conventional medicine, Dr. Cohen's particular success with "tough cases" approaches the legendary. Celebrities and leaders have consulted him simply because his methods are effective, and in no small part due to his expertise with the Bodyscan. Time and again, utter skeptics are surprised by what appears to be Dr. Cohen's odd ability to tell THEM what's bothering them before they say a word about why they've come to him. At times, it's humorous, because the Bodyscan will often indicate to him problems you may have had years ago that you've never even mentioned to anyone. It happens often enough for a rational mind to realize that the galvanic response measurement value of the Bodyscan ends up outstripping its renown as a biofeedback therapy device.

What are some specific benefits of getting Bodyscans done?

Bioenegetic Testing shows any type of energy imbalance in your body and tests for vitamin-mineral deficiencies as well. It will indicate remedies for correction of all energy imbalances.  It takes the guesswork out of what your body needs and can tell you and your doctor more about the current state of your body's health. 

Dr. Cohen's Brooklyn, NY office is accepting your calls at (718) 627-7272
You're invited to have your questions ready, as Dr. Cohen does not charge for phone consults.

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Live longer, live better, with naturopathic treatments.
In terms of time, health, aggravation, and more, naturopathy IS eminently more affordable, and,
best of all, it's the healthiest way to live younger.... longer.

Today is the best possible day for you to take control of how long and how well you live.

Naturopathic medicine is that branch of medicine which means NO surgery, NO drugs;
healing the human body with substances and items that occur naturally in our natural environment.

Every human has a particular version of what is called "balance."
The more time we spend in balance, the more time we have on earth at a higher quality.

Living healthier, living better, living longer, are just a question of better choices.
Most doctors are NOT smarter than you; they only possess more information than you do on medical subjects.

If you have a foot problem then you do not need to study subarachnoid hemorrhages,
only everything you can learn about foot problems!

Such is the Bodyscans Health Route,
Learn more about the wonderful, effective work of Dr. David Cohen, naturopath extraordinaire,
expert in QRA>, and so much more
QRA Expert Doctor David Cohen         Bodyscan Biofeedback Device

Welcome to the healthiest website on or near the planet,
compliments of MisterShortcut, helping you to help yourself.

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The information, however, is worth far more than money.

Obtain pain relief healing naturally, with the approaches and substances used by those living stronger for longer, and those health professionals consistently getting the best results. This 'healthiest website' is here to help you to help yourself, naturally. Some of the greatest naturopathic toolsets include Bodyscans, QRA, Ondamed, PhotonGenius, bioenergetic medicine, superior supplementation with superfoods, and the hypercharged devices brought forth by MisterShortcut for YOU.

You will also find that covers naturopathic medicine, naturopathic practitioners, naturopathic doctors and physicians, oxygen therapy, and Bodyscans, and quite a few other subjects.

The 2,389 discrete websites crafted and delivered by MisterShortcut could well be the world's healthiest network, because we also treat the subjects of ayurvedic medicine, Ondamed, Zyto, PhotonGenius in the works, Onnetsu, too, along with Phazx BodyScans, also known as BodyScan2010. From Rife technology and oxygen therapy and hyperphysics, the tools continue to grow and develop, empowering the human race towards living longer better... and, most specifically, living stronger for longer.

Bodyscans Health Route, healthiest website on the internet

You will also find on pages within these precints good information on oxygen therapy, chiropractic alternatives, best biofeedback devices, living healthier longer, herbal medicine, healing naturally, Bodyscans Health Route, oil of oregano, naturopathy, mineral infrared therapy, Dr David Cohen, naturopathic Doctor David Cohen, that is, America's premiere naturopathic doctor, based in Brooklyn NY.
Whether Dr. Cohen is the greatest doctor on earth may be more appropriately determined by YOU:
In more than 30 years of service, he's never charged a penny for Healing naturally with naturopathy.

BodyScans are changing the world of medicine. Healing naturally can also mean electro-meridian imaging, herbal cures, natural healing, and other forms of natural pain relief.
Find out WHY Bodyscan is so effective in naturopathic treatment of diseases, injuries, and more NY bodyscan,naturopathic healing doctors. Bodyscanning, bodyscans work via Bodyscan2010, most accurate biofeedback device ever created.  

Bodyscans Effective Naturopathic Treatment | No Drugs No Surgery
Regarding bodyscans and bodyscanning, the best biofeedback device test in the world is Bodyscan2010.
Regarding Dr. David Cohen, he must be counted among the best naturopathic doctors practitioners in Brooklyn NY America USA

Live longer by Bodyscanning with Phazx Bodyscan

Quantum Reflex Analysis Will Be Everywhere

Nothing in the world of allopathic medicine even compares with Quantum Reflex Analysis, or QRA.
The single most accurate method of assessing strength and weakness in any organ, gland, or tissue in your body.
The more you learn in this life, the better your decisions tend to be. Learn more, so that you might live stronger for longer.

Tertiary Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks From Your Bodyscans HealthRoute

Quantum Hotlinks For Quantum Energy Websites - Quantum Reflex Method Quantum Energy - Acronymically, QRA means Quantum Reflex Analysis, in the Bodyscans HealthRoute list of Top 12 Innovations of the Century - Information on QRA that can help you to rock your world in the best ways possible, by teaching YOURSELF how to use Q-R-A - Commonly heard from those who practice quantum reflex analysis: "QRA me, please," to learn precise truth about your body - When we speak of the game of life, the Bodyscans HealthRoute asserts QRA to be the name of the health and longevity game

The more we learn, the wiser our decisions tend to be, true?
You cannot learn less about anything! - Invest wisely into yourself by learning QRA, or enjoy a QRA session with an expert, Level III QRA Practitioner in NY, or by phone, photo, or internet - If your doctor has given up on you, or the reverse, call a QRA practitioner 1-888-6004-888 - remember 6004 - QRA Appointments - Brooklyn, NY, NJ, CT - No comparison: QRA is the most accurate test of all organs and glands. QRA appointments with QRA practitioners - non-invasive, pain-free, more accurate - You can call, if you wish, 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere in the country to speak with the nation's greatest, most advanced QRA practitioners, trained in Texas - Paying homage to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners - Look how many different ways there are to consider this short, desirable domain - Go ahead, try it out loud and hear it yourself
Whether you consider it an anacronym for QRA practitioners, or QRaps as in hearing raps performed by someone named "Q," and so forth,
or a gambling casino gaming gambler's domain as in shooting a game of qraps, imaginative domainists and domainizers can get busy. is a short, memorable, brandable, easy and short domain for sale, Expressway of Shortcuts is the broker for this domain
1-888-6004-888 - only $610

Dr. Cohen's Brooklyn, NY office is accepting your questions and Bodyscan app's at (718) 627-7272
You're invited to have your questions ready, as Dr. Cohen does not charge for phone consults.

Learn more, to live more!
EMF Radiation Is The Single Most Damaging Form Of Pollution To Mammals, Insects, Flowers, Crops, and more!
Electrical Pollution - EMF - Fast Fix - Best Energy Devices - Cellphones - The game-changer of game-changers because you can use Quantum Reflex Analysis to measure the strength of food and plenty much more - A thousand medical devices cannot reveal more personal information about you and your state than one skilled quantum reflex analysis expert

QRA.Me       Q-R-A.US

Bodyscans HealthRoute QVials Domains
The Bodyscans HealthRoute is certain that QVials will change your life

QVials - Among the greatest inventions of all time
The world's first and only money-back-guaranteed anti-EMF product - EVERYTHING touched by QVial passes BDORT and QRA testing. - The most powerful minerals on earth - QVial is filled with minerals supercharged by multiple processes - Bodyscans HealthRoute favorite - Holding one of the QVials at the highest point on your head IMMEDIATELY strengthens all brain points, a huge health, brain, and life benefit - Information on how QVials affect the brain, and individual body points, 365 of which are directly related to organs, glands, and body tissue strength

The Power of Bodyscan In The Hands Of A QRA Practitioner
Uninformed opinions mean nothing in the face of experience and success
How excellent, and how timely! Even though QRA, (or Bodyscan) does not heal or treat, it helps enormously!
Consulting with a trained QRA practitioner is likely to be the single most informative health consultation of your life.
With trained QRA practitioners all over the country, you are urged to call for QRA consultation as soon as you are ready,
ready to participate in the health decisions that affect how long and how well you live, rather than merely following orders.
When the U.S. stopped counting the chronically ill in 2005, one of every two of us was living or dying with chronic disease.
If this does not startle you into reconsidering a health care system far more accurately called an "illness care" system,
then the Bodyscans HealthRoute urges you to learn about QRA, to incorporate B-DORT and QRA into your life.

QRA proves accurate in just a single second or two. Thoroughly nnon-invasive, your proof is immediately obtained by you, and whoever is helping you. This eliminates the need for you to take the word of other people for what issues you can remediate on your own, most of the time.

Of all the tools and resources shared within the Quantum Reflex Method, QRA is at the top of the list for correcting approximately all human disorders outside of death itself. Only three basics cause human health challenges: physical damage, chemical insult, both of which include foods and non-foods that are ingested, and electrical interference. When you injure the body in any way, the electrical field in that area is disturbed by congregating toxins. ALL healing, all scars, leave toxins behind. The only method shown and proven - let alone for thousands of years in a row - are mudpacks.

Now that you can use QRA to test which substances will best augment the work of the mudpack, targeted nutrition becomes infinitely more valuable than all the medical doctors of the world - even combined together. This is the first health-related technology to prove beneficial approximately one thousand of every one thousand tries.

Combining the world's oldest technologies with the newest, no less than eighty to ninety percent of all humans who encounter QRA are simply and undeniably astounded, because it works approximately 100% of the time.

Often mistaken for kinesiology or muscle testing (both of which can be more accurate than heavy-duty testing machines often rife with side effects), QRA moves beyond guessing and subjectivity in testing, particularly when used in conjunction with biofeedback therapy such as Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision.

"biofield" is the word you want to get comfortable with here. Your biofield, the electrical plasma that covers every millimeter of your body, determines even more than nutrition whether your glands, organs and tissue all and each work.

All human glands and organs and tissue harmonize by frequencies unique from one another yet delightfully synchronized. Each has an identifiable frequency, making it easy to distinguish from other glands and organs and tissue.

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a comprehensive clinical tool, only available through trained QRA practitioners. The most advanced QRA practitioners utilize techniques and technologies that systematically "peel the onion" as the client works through the "Steps to Great Health," focusing not only on the physical body but also on the innate healing abilities of the body. These steps are foundational in order to recover from chronic illness. And they are vital if you want to reach a higher level of health.

"What Is QRA?"

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), is a simple, inordinately accurate method of identifying which organs and glands are suffering nutritional deficiency because of blocking in the wiring to the organ or gland. This tells you precisely what it needs to heal, and how much. QRA is a combination of time-proven ancient therapies, systematic analysis of the body's quantum biofield, married to the most outstanding nutrition and detoxification breakthroughs of the 21st century that Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes have developed and/or innovated upon.

QRA provides us with a comprehensive system to initiate the most rapid resolution of even deep-seated, chronic conditions - simply not possible by any other methodology. This is do-it-yourself at its best.

QRA tests the energy levels, the strength and weakness of any given tissue, organs, or glands. The communications that take place between the brain and its thousands of components, along with the rest of the body, are many, and measurable to ever-growing degrees. QRA immediately shows the strength or weakness of the immune system, of dental issues, and where interference fields are coming from. This method of kinesiology testing goes a good bit beyond the relatively new field of kinesiology. The body's meridians have been known for thousands of years, profoundly taught in tcm (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to rapidly locate reduced nutrition caused by interference fields which empowers the immediately pinpointing of specific nutrition needed to regain the normal energy flow, which assures a steadier supply of nutrition to the organ, gland, or tissue..

When you are in full health, all of the electrical frequencies of your tissues, organs and glands, though distinct and unique, blend beautifully when combined. When an area of your body gets weakened through disease (or a number of other ways), the energetic frequency of that area changes, and the strength and integrity of these areas can be measured.

QRA is based on empirical observations in quantum energy and the emerging field of quantum physics. Dr. Bob Marshall has had great success with seemingly serious conditions and he teaches this technique across the country to health practitioners. Dr. Cohen has completed the advanced criteria required to be one of the practitioners referred by Dr. Marshall's office. In addition to this training,

QRA is not a treatment. It is a portable, absolute tool. It proves right basically every time, and in just a few seconds or minutes. That's it. There are three catches to QRA

1) You cannot test yourself, because you cannot pull your own B.D.O.R.T., the mega-billion-dollar value that Dr. Omura so munificently gave freely to the world, including you

2) The person doing the testing must have electrical coherence themselves. Thankfully, a simple vial of the rare earth minerals held for half a minute temporarily strengthens anyone, strengthening every organ, gland, and tissue for a good 20 minutes.

3) You can learn it as you experience it, your first time. That's bad because you get to use it for life, at no charge. What M.D. is going to want to teach you such useful and powerful freebies? Money is why only a few thousand M.D.'s speak well of QRA

These are the three "catches," the realities that currently serve as obstacles for you to clear.
Nothing in the world of health is as likely to impress you. Accuracy, instant strength, measurable on brain and body points, all adding up to some of the best tools in our world for helping us to help heal ourselves, naturally.

Your job, your responsibility and obligation to your better, stronger longevity, is to learn more, so that you increase the probabilities of you living more, and better... by making better decisions. You cannot learn less about a subject, and QRA is something you get to use for the rest of your life. You get to share QRA with any individual or group of people that you like.

QRA is simple, it is learned rapidly, and it is infinitely more accurate than all the many doctors who have consulted with each other and myself with respect to MisterShortcut's dozen high-speed transports to a variety of emergency rooms.

No less than ninety-eight or ninety-nine percent of all humans who experience QRA with anyone who is well-trained are not one percent less than astonished. It's one of the ten great eye-openers of a lifetime. QRA successfully reaches higher than any other health technology man has conceived. The oldest and the newest combine to make the best.

Learning more has a habit of leading to living more,
because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be.
If you struggle with a health issue, QRA is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.
The Bodyscans HealthRoute finds that QRA and Bodyscan used together are best,
far better than we are likely to find is the case with any medical doctor,
any, that is, who has NOT recieved training to be a QRA practitioner.


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Help Yourself With The Bodyscans HealthRoute

Stop making excuses for mediocrity. Healing naturally begins with what you eat.
Put more greens and reds into your body: raw, and washed personally by you or one you love.

Stop forming opinions - in health and every other area of life - until you develop mastery.
You CAN develop mastery at a rapid pace - by learning something new every day.
You can learn one new fact per day, or you can learn one hundred per day.
The number that you choose between 1 and 100 determines your speed.
So, YOU determine your speed by how much you choose to learn.
Use your best health tips, at the Bodyscans HealthRoute, etc.
Remember, there are THOUSANDS of great resources.

David Cohen, America's Naturopathic Doctor, Presents the Bodyscans HealthRoute

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, widely-known as one of America's greatest naturopaths,
is pleased to host many, many hundreds of these healthiest websites, including the Bodyscans HealthRoute,
filled with powerfully useful health tips proven time and again to promote living stronger for longer... naturally

If your health has not responded to "conventional" treatment, feel free to call this extraordinaryily effective naturopath.
Despite the growing attention of Dr. Cohen's work throughout a growing number of countries,
callers speak with Dr. Cohen personally at 1 (718) 972 -1616

Please have your questions ready when you call... and be prepared to take notes

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

More Quantum Reflex Analysis Information

Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes invested more than a decade developing and refining their use of B-DORT into the science of QRA.
There is no disputing the accuracy, because QRA is not muscle-testing: QRA is a one-second bidigital test of your electrical field.
Your body is a huge generator and conductor of electricity; Thankfully, no mammal is likely to deceive a qualified QRA test.
Whether you study B-DORT and QRA online, or attend QRA training seminars, or simply call for a QRA consultation,
the Bodyscans HealthRoute cannot urge you with too much vigor of discourse: learn this life-changing approach.
Bodyscans and QRA are right up there with Photon Genius, Supercharged lasers and QVials, Ondamed, and others.
Your first Bodyscan promises to show you the most useful information of your lifetime, customized to you.

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Bodyscans Prove To Complement Other Approaches,
including Ondamed, Q.R.A., and other naturopathic devices

Bodyscans are one of so many tools for natural approaches to healing.
Since no one can cure you or heal you beyond helping you to heal yourself,
take everything you learn with a grain of salt. ALWAYS look for another opinion.
Those who are trained as QRA practitioners can use the Bodyscan results to rapidly help you.
By identifying the weakest organs, glands, tissue, and the toxins that are impeding energy flow,
you have the fastest path to fix whatever it is you are concerned about fixing, a majority of the time.

At least eight times of every ten, the use of Bodyscan by QRA practitioners can help you fix dozens of issues.

For an appointment with Dr. Cohen in his NY offices, 1 888 6004 888
For Brooklyn appointments, call   1-(718) 627-7272
To speak with Dr. Cohen,   1-347-242-1111

Learn more in order to live more, at the Bodyscans HealthRoute,
... because you are important enough to help in hope you reach out and help others.
It's your life, and it is sensible to control what we can of it.
from the man with your plan, Mister Shortcut, for You


Expressway of Shortcuts - by MisterShortcut
All rights reserved for those who help the helpless.

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Your Expressway of Shortcuts Is Wisdom You Already Possess.
Your Bodyscans HealthRoute, wisdom proven by the long-lived.
All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know to listen, comprehend powerful information, new to you.
Do you see two ears to one mouth meaning using ears twice as much?
These next few minutes of your life are likely to alter you forever. Focus.
When we obtain benefit from new facts, we get to our first level of wisdom.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, let’s remove your limits.
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Don’t limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
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Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you’ve ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
Each PowerGem is an omnipotent, universal secret of your own Expressway of Shortcuts.
PowerGems stay hidden in plain sight, through all the millions of MisterShortcut pages.
We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
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The Bodyscans HealthRoute - It's YOURS.
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in order to help you to help yourself.
compliments of MisterShortcut and the Bodyscans HealthRoute Naturopath Of A Generation

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Enjoy the largest website in town - the Expressway of Shortcuts, with millions of unique web pages

The Bodyscans HealthRoute, among the world's healthiest websites, and best source of natural health tips.
the Expressway of Shortcuts, the most empowering website you may ever visit.
Thousands of the greatest shortcuts of all time on a thousand websites created by Mr-Shortcut

The Bodyscans HealthRoute is created for each of us to learn more in order to live more and give more.
MisterShortcut urges you to learn more about naturopathic medicine,
the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of Longevity that consistently work.
for you to live healthier and wealthier, live happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.
The Bodyscans HealthRoute, a sizable part of the world's largest and most empowering Expressway of Shortcuts,
is NOT a set of rules.   It is a way of thinking, an attitude of approach to health -- natural health.

As much effort as the Bodyscans HealthRoute has required, containing many hundreds of thousands of unique pages by Mr-Shortcut,
pursuing the best information on Health and Longevity is something you have to desire in order to excel at the effort.
That means NOT relying on any one source of information. ALWAYS seek a second, even a third opinion.
Long-lived people do in fact have commonalities, including moderation, even with "vices" like smoking and drinking.
Living well and living longer does not mean sacrificing those things that bring you comfort and pleasure; not by a long shot.
Living well and long DOES mean approaching your comforts and desires with a more balanced approach than you've used so far.
Good health is augmented by good information. Remember that no doctor or supplement or mineral can cure you.
YOU CAN ONLY CURE OR HEAL YOURSELF. This is a scientific fact of the human body and system,
not a dig or insult against medical practitioners. They can only help you to help yourself.
The more we learn, the stronger, the longer we tend to live. You deserve to live longer.

Embracing the Bodyscans HealthRoute means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
All of the web pages within the Bodyscans HealthRoute websites, filled with great health tips,
and all of these "healthiest websites" pertaining to health and Longevity,
have each been designed and created by the Godfather of Shortcuts,
also known as the Godfather of EyeCandy for his artistic flair.



Bringing you the best and greatest Shortcuts of role models who are the best source of information on excellence,
the same shortcuts used by leaders, masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires. and long-lived people.

Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at the Bodyscans HealthRoute,
and one of the most empowering websites online, the Expressway of Shortcuts.
With your mind in mind,

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As you may have noticed, this is also the EyeCandy Capital of the World

As Chief Cheerleader of the YOU fan club, MisterShortcut Presents
the Bodyscans HealthRoute, To Help You To Help Yourself

The Godfather of Shortcuts welcomes you to the largest naturopathic website,
with the intention of making it YOUR healthiest website. That's your call.
Filled with the best health tips of people who live stronger for longer,
The Bodyscans HealthRoute is crafted for your better health and life,
with the understanding that you will make use of its wisdom,
that you'll enjoy the fruits of its successful experience,
and then have the decency to pass it to those who need it.
There is always someone worse off than us, individually and otherwise.
Without exception, each time you considerately think of them, or act for them,
the universe and all of its laws gives you the positively sumptious guarantee of return.
You already know that anything we do has equal and opposite reaction.
What might distract you into thinking that this fact is immune?
The rules of life that hold true most of all, all PowerGems,
apply to all we survey. Faith and science combined.

Crafted by your Godfather of EyeCandy,

The Expressway of Shortcuts and Bodyscans HealthRoute are bigger than big, if you can imagine millions of unique pages for you
IE users: Tap any keyboard letter, number or character (even upper-case!) for another Mister-Shortcut website of EyeCandy and self-empowerment

The Godfather of Shortcuts actually created for your development more than a thousand different websites,
including the Bodyscans HealthRoute and so many other resources,
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally.

It is indeed a wise person who understands and appreciates
that no vitamin or human or even surgery can cure or heal us:
They can only help us to help ourselves, help us to heal ourselves.

The sooner you take control of the decisions affecting your health,
both how long you live and how well you live, the sooner you win.
You win the game of life by living well. Keep things simple.
With hundreds of thousands of dead patients every year,
the only person willing to claim that medicine works,
is the individual who has an interest in saying so.
That's tough for you to accept. We understand.
Your IQ is what, 80, 90, 100 or thereabouts?
The Bodyscans HealthRoute is different.
Based on the findings of smart folks,
people with IQ's above 150 - 180.
Stop feeling insulted by this;
call it a quirk of birth.
Fact is, those who do better
are the people who know better.
By tapping into what THEY know better,
you multiply the chances of YOU living better,
living stronger for longer with more robust health.
You think you know more than Paul Newman, saintly human?
Forget the thousands of charities this amazing man has given to.
Just consider his announcement just after his eightieth happy birthday:
"As of next year, I will no longer compete in professional car racing anymore."
Whew! Do you even understand the physical requirements of professional car racing?
Never mind the mental demands; the physical demands alone are beyond what you do daily.
So, when one like Paul Newman speaks about being so active after several consecutive decades,
does it not make sense for the rest of us to hush up and listen to the wisdom coming from a wise man?

We'll let YOU decide who's the top doctor in America, naturopathic or otherwise.

Prostate Relief - Approximately One Hundred Percent

Bodyscans HealthRoute On Natural Gravity Relief

Between ninety-five and one hundred percent of all males will, at some point or another,
experience enlargement of the prostate gland. It is hard to escape gravity, frankly.
Saw palmetto works almost instantly for roughly seventy percent of all men.
Your best health tip is to make sure it is CONCENTRATED saw palmetto.
Betasitesterol works for approximately eighty percent of all males.
Using these two relatively inexpensive, perfectly safe remedies,
you'll heal yourself naturally at a tiny percent of the Rx cost.
Why are many using approaches with horrible side effects?

Used together, saw palmetto and betasitosterol,
both of which are natural and inexpensive,
provides relief for about 100% of all men.
Think twice before you go to an M.D.
The good ones have little money,
the bad ones collect plenty.
They're better at money
than at good healing.
So, heal yourself.
Do it naturally.

Top doctors are those who use Bodyscans HealthRoute and medicines
before turning to toxic pharmaceutical, and invasive surgical approaches.
When we learn how to be our own top doctors, we will ALL live stronger for longer
Bodyscans continue to prove to be a magnificent tool to be used in the pursuit of stronger longevity.
Naysayers have the interestingly 'coincidental' trait of never having had OR SEEN a Bodyscan.
MisterShortcut had more than 80 Bodyscans in a 24-month period, and, like most, reaped many discrete benefits.
The Bodyscan identifies precisely what toxins are bothering you, what nutrients you are deficient OR excessive in.
Bodyscan2010 has made such a great difference in thousands and more thousands of lives, just in our clinics by themselves.
How many other properly trained practitioners are there, combining Bodyscan2010 with QRA, or BDORT, or even the simpler CRA?

Forming opinions PRIOR to knowledge and experience is hardly a feather in ANY human's cap.
Whomever ROUTINELY gets the best results is the person best suited to speak on a given subject.

A phrase that comes to mind:
"We can get our information from the horse's mouth...
... or we can get caught at the wrong end of the horse.

Let us continually learn from those who outperform most or all others, because THEY are the proverbial horse's mouth.

Bodyscan identifies sixteen thousand substances and toxins in your body in minutes, AND how much off balance each one is ...                                                                                no drugs, no surgery, no pain,                                                                                                                                        ... just natural healing with the consistently successful Dr. David Cohen, naturopath extraordinaire
BodyScan2010 -- takes the guesswork out of what your body needs, telling you and your doctor more about the current state of your body's health.
THERE IS NO GUESSING with the Bodyscan2010, because your body responds uniquely. That's why each custom protocol is unexceptionallyi accurate:
The Bodyscan is effectively asking your body how it responds to thousands of different substances. Everything on earth has a unique frequency.
Thus, when the frequency of celery or salt or many thousands of other substances are presented, your body responds with weakness or strength.

That is the crux of how the Bodyscan2010 proves to be no scam,
instead, a potent tool in the hands of any Bodyscan-trained technician.

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Endorsements   (Patients, Doctors, Practitioners)  

Welcome to one of the helpful Bodyscan2010 resources online.

We don't sell these devices, they're no longer in production,
it's doubtful there are a hundred of them still being operated.

We DO, however, continue to use Bodyscan2010 personally,
and highly recommend Bodyscans to YOUR consideration.

None of us can learn LESS... about anything, true enough? That's why you're encouraged to learn more, that you might live more.

By "natural website," the reference is, of course, to naturopathically-inclined methods,
the natural approaches that prove to be safer, and decidedly more effective than RX's.

From natural remedies such as oil of oregano or olive oil, it's about nutrition.
As well, it is about interference fields caused by each injury or trauma.
Learn to erase them with mudpacks and see delightful, better results.

Make use of this, your largest naturopathic website,
which may qualify it as the internet's healthiest website.   That is left to you.

Richly endowed with your healthiest and wealthiest shortcuts, secrets of those who do more.

Imagine a medical doctor hosting over a hundred free health-related websites!   Not anytime soon, we think.
The Bodyscans HealthRoute is HUGE -- IE users: Tap any letter, number or character (even upper-case) on your keyboard for more Bodyscans HealthRoute

, also from the Psychology of Longevity, is pleased to share Master Secrets Of The Universe

Make no mistake, there ARE many master secrets of the universe, some of which are shared by the Psychology of Longevity via YouTube, etc.
If you like, visit, or YouTube/FoodBoosters to learn more in pursuit of living more.

You cannot learn less about anything!     Learn more, that you might live more

EMF Pollution - One-second test - Instant Proof of dirty & clean energy
This is going to stun, shock, amaze, and delight you, and you can use it for the rest of your life!


The Expressway of Shortcuts Rides With The Quantum Reflex Method